Get the best price and fast settlement for larger trades

What is Pintu OTC?
Over-the-counter (OTC) is a high liquidity transaction that is safer and more personal. This service is intended for institutions and high net worth individuals who want to do larger transactions.
Best Price, Minimum Slippage.
Avoid high cost when doing large transactions on open exchange. With Pintu OTC, you can get best price with minimum slippage.
Personal 1 on 1 Service.
From consultation to transaction, our service is tailored to your needs.
Pintu OTC Minimum Transaction
Bitcoin = 3 BTC Ethereum = 75 ETH Tether = 34.000 USDT Binance Coin = 1.500 BNB

OTC Proposal Form

1. Register in Pintu

If you don’t have an account in Pintu, please register and verify your ID as an individual.

2. Fill out Purchase / Sale Details

Please fill with the same name, phone number, and email address as your Pintu Account.


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