Bitcoin Dominance

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Bitcoin Dominance (BTCD) is the ratio of Bitcoin’s market capitalization to the rest of the cryptocurrency market. By knowing BTCD, you can determine the current market share of Bitcoin. So, BTCD is an excellent tool to help you understand trends within the market.

BTCD is actually very easy to use. You just need to divide the current Bitcoin market capitalization by the current crypto market capitalization. Then, you multiply it by 100%. For example, the current crypto market capitalization is 100 billion dollars US and the current Bitcoin market capitalization is 67 billion dollars US. Which means, the BTCD ratio is 67%.

However, with the recent crypto market development, Bitcoin’s dominance is shrinking. At that time, Bitcoin dominance could be up to 90%, with the rising of altcoin and stablecoin, that number slowly decreased.

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