How to transfer assets from other wallet to Pintu Web3 Wallet

  1. Open the Pintu app, then select ‚ÄėWeb3‚Äô.
  2. Click ‚ÄėReceive.‚Äô
  3. Select the crypto asset that you want to receive and the blockchain network you want to use.
  4. Then, the QR code and wallet address will appear.
  5. Copy the wallet address.
  6. Open the other wallet, for example, MetaMask mobile on your smartphone.
  7. Select a blockchain network (Ethereum Main Network, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon Mainnet, etc).
  8. Select the crypto asset.
  9. Click ‚ÄėSend,‚Äô and enter your Pintu Web3 Wallet address.
  10. Enter the amount of crypto assets you want to send.
  11. Click ‚ÄėSend.‚Äô

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