Is there a limit to the amount of orders that can be placed?

Yes, there are limits on open buy and sell orders on Pintu. The open order limit is set as the greater amount between Rp250.000.000 or 50% of your total asset balance.


  1. If your total Rupiah balance is Rp250.000.000, then by default your open buy order limit is Rp250.000.000. If your total balance is fewer than Rp250.000, then your open order limit is determined by the amount of your total balance.
  2. If your total Rupiah balance is Rp 600.000.000, then your open buy order limit is Rp300.000.000 (Set as your open order limit because 50% of the total balance is greater than Rp250.000.000).

Notes: ‚Äď

  • Open buy order limit applies cumulatively for all assets.
  • Open sell order limit applies to each asset.

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