What are blockchain fees?

Blockchain fees are fees paid to blockchain network operators (validators) for confirming transactions on the blockchain. Blockchain fees are also known as gas fees.

The specific token used for blockchain fees varies depending on the blockchain network. For example, the blockchain fee for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain is ETH.

To check the blockchain fee for a transaction on Pintu:

  1. Go to the ’Wallet’ page on you Pintu Web3 Wallet, and select tokens.
  2. Click ‚ÄėSend‚Äô.
  3. Enter the address and the amount you want to send, then click ‚ÄėContinue.‚Äô
  4. A summary page will appear, providing an overview of the transaction details and blockchain fee options.

To speed up the processing of your transaction, choose a higher blockchain fee. Validators will give priority to transactions with higher fees, so yours will be processed sooner.

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