What should I do if I accidentally delete my cloud backup?

In the MPC system used by Pintu Web3 Wallet, the Pintu server stores part of your encrypted key. Simultaneously, your smartphone’s cloud storage, such as Google Drive or iCloud, stores the decryption key for that file (cloud backup file).

If you accidentally delete the cloud backup file, you can still recover your wallet as long as you have access to the cloud service.

To recover your wallet, simply open the Pintu app, navigate to the Web3 page, and follow the provided instructions. By doing so, Pintu will generate a new encrypted file, rendering your Pintu Web3 Wallet accessible once more.

If you lose access to the cloud service that was originally used to create your web3 wallet (due to forgotten email and password), you can use a similar alternative cloud service (Google Drive or iCloud) to generate a new encrypted file. This can be done assuming you still use the same smartphone and have not uninstalled the Pintu app.

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