What is Memeland (MEME)? 9GAG’s NFT Project

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Image What is Memeland (MEME)? 9GAG’s NFT Project
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As a platform for millions seeking comedy, 9GAG has surprisingly introduced an ambitious project, Memeland. The project enters the realm of NFTs with a new token, MEME. Like DOGE, SHIB, and PEPE, MEME is a memecoin. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Memeland is and why it’s getting a lot of attention from the NFT community.

Article Summary

  • 🖼️ Memeland is a Web3 platform managed by 9GAG. The platform has three interconnected NFT projects: You The Real MVP, The Captainz, and The Potatoz.
  • 🤑 Memeland aims to build a creator economy and focuses on the SocialFi sector by connecting creators and communities through creativity, memes, and NFTs.
  • 📑 MEME is Memeland’s platform token. In its whitepaper, it is written that MEME has no use cases or roadmap. MEME tokens are for entertainment purposes only.
  • 🚧 Memeland’s development team is developing several Web3 platforms such as Holders.com, GMGM.com, Stakeland, Petsland, and Treasure Islandz metaverse projects.

What is Memeland (MEME)?

Source: Memeland

Memeland is a Web3 platform managed by 9GAG. 9GAG is an online entertainment platform that provides funny content in memes. Founded in 2008, 9GAG is the largest meme community on the internet with millions of active users.

The main concept of Memeland is NFT. However, it is about more than just the NFT collection. It is an ecosystem involving a membership system, DAO, and Web3.

The platform aims to build a creator economy and focuses on the SocialFi sector by connecting creators and communities through creativity, memes, and NFTs.

Memeland has three interconnected NFT projects: You The Real MVP, The Captainz, and The Potatoz. All three are included in Memeland’s ecosystem and serve as an entry ticket to its events.

Memeland has a paltform token, MEME. MEME was launched in October 2023 on Binance Launchpool, which allows users to farm MEME by staking BNB, TUSD, or FDUSD.

The MEME token launch event “AHOY!” was held in Hong Kong for three days. 9GAG and Memecoin investor Newman Group kick off the launch campaign. The Hong Kong SAR Government, InvestHK, MTR, and Cyberport also supports the event.

Andras Arato (center), or Hide the Pain Harold, was the surprise guest at the MEME token launch in Hong Kong. Source: Marketing-Interactive.

Memeland NFT Project

In Memeland’s ecosystem, three main NFTs serve as collectibles and assets to enter the world of Memeland and earn rewards. The three NFTs are You The Real MPV, The Potatoz, and The Captainz.

1. You The Real MPV

Source: OpenSea

The ‘You the Real MVP’ NFT is an OG Memeland collection comprising 420 gold trophies. These NFTs were minted in June 2022 at 5.3 ETH or 6,535 US dollars.

MVP holders have a premium membership with exclusive access to the Memeland Discord, priority in NFT drops, in real-life (IRL) events, and other exclusive collaborations. They also get the first ‘insider’ information on upcoming Memeland features.

2. The Potatoz

Source: OpenSea

The Potatoz NFT is a collection of 9,999 Profile Pictures (PFPs) that offer unique utility. These NFTs can evolve in 5 stages and change shape inspired by internet memes and pop culture. These NFTs were distributed to MPV holders for free in June 2022. In less than 69 days, The Potatoz became a top 150 collectible on OpenSea.

The Potatoz NFT holders can collect tickets to enter weekly prize draws, earn allowlists, NFT drops, access to IRL events, and more.

3. The Captainz

Source: OpenSea

The Captainz NFT is a collection of 9,999 PFPs featuring internet memes and pop culture. The Captainz collection represents the platinum tier membership in Memeland. Holders have exclusive uses and perks, including MEME airdrops and access to Treasure Islandz.

Holders of these NFTs also have access to the Memeland DAO. This DAO access allows NFT holders to participate in decision-making regarding Memeland’s treasury, partnership, and governance rules.

Memeland features Potion Hunt, a weekly prize draw. To participate, users could find potions by becoming Super Crew (1 MVP + 9 Captains + 27 Potatoz) and Full Crew (1 Captain + 3 Potatoz). Unfortunately, this feature is temporarily discontinued.

MEME Token (Memecoin)

Memecoin or MEME is a Memeland ecosystem platform token compatible with the ERC-20 token standard. Based on information from its whitepaper, MEME has no clear function, utility, or intrinsic value. MEME tokens are for entertainment purposes only.

Source: Memeland

MEME token was launched via Binance Launchpool on October 28, 2023. Then, MEME was officially traded on November 3, 2023, along with the MEME airdrop to Memeland NFT holders.

MEME has a total supply of 69 billion tokens. You can see the token allocation in the image above. Of the total supply of tokens, 8.7 billion MEME, or 12.75% have been circulated. MEME token is ranked 154th on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of 230 million US dollars.

At launch, the MEME price touched 0.022 US dollars with a daily trading volume of 18 million US dollars. Currently (November 21, 2023), the MEME price is at 0.027 US dollars with a daily trading volume of 179 million US dollars.

Memeland (MEME) Roadmap

Sumber: Memeland

The Memeland team is developing several Web3 platforms that can improve the community experience. The platforms under development are:

  • Holders.com (a travel service).
  • GMGM.com (a video-sharing service).
  • Stakeland (a staking application).
  • Petsland (a pet-specific platform).

Memeland NFT as an Investment

One of the most exciting aspects of Memeland is the storytelling embedded in its NFTs. NFTs in Memeland are not just digital assets but part of a compelling narrative.

If you are a fan of meme NFTs, Memeland can be a good choice. Although the humorous and community-focused approach of memes is only suitable for some, the project has the potential to be very popular in certain circles.

In addition, Memeland is also backed by high-profile figures in the community, including 9GAG founder Ray Chan, as well as prominent investors such as Moonbirds founder, Kevin Rose, and VeeFriends CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk.

After launching the MEME token in early November 2023, the next project the community looks forward to is Treasure Islandz. It is a metaverse project that promises interesting stories and locations.

Also, another project to look out for in the future is Stakeland. Stakeland is a staking protocol that will extend Memeland’s staking mechanism through the evolution of NFT Potatoz.


Memeland is a Web3 platform managed by 9GAG, famous for being the largest meme community online. The Memeland ecosystem involves three NFT projects: You The Real MVP, The Potatoz, and The Captainz. In addition to NFTs, Memeland has a platform token, MEME, launched in early November 2023.

Memeland’s NFT projects are not just digital collectibles but rather part of a compelling narrative. Memeland has the potential to be an exciting option for fans of meme NFTs backed by prominent figures in the community. While there is yet to be a clear roadmap for the MEME token, the project is developing several additional Web3 platforms.

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