What is Rupiah Token (IDRT)?

  • Rupiah Token (IDRT) is the first stablecoin backed by Indonesian Rupiah issued by PT Rupiah Token Indonesia. IDRT is available in multiple leading global crypto exchanges and blockchains (https://rupiahtoken.com).
  • 1 IDRT is equal to 1 Rupiah.
  • IDRT is built on blockchain technology that allows you to send Rupiah all over the world instantly.

What can I use IDRT for?

IDRT can be used for various types of transactions on blockchain or cross-border transactions, such as:

  • Trading on multiple global crypto-exchanges.
  • Interacting with smart contract on blockchain such as Ethereum.
  • Sending money from abroad to families in Indonesia or vice versa.

See the complete list of crypto exchanges supported by IDRT at https://rupiahtoken.com.

Where is Rupiah Token built?

Rupiah Token is built on multiple blockchain network such as:

  1. Ethereum (ERC20)Ethereum is a pioneer network blockchain with a smart contract and has a large community of developers and user support.Every transaction in the Ethereum requires some amount of gas fee in the form of ETH.List of exchanges listing IDRT (ERC-20):
    • Liquid
    • HitBTC
    • Ecxx
    • and many more

    List of wallets supporting IDRT (ERC-20):

    • PundiX
    • Metamask
    • Argent
    • Trust Wallet
  2. Binance Chain (BEP2)Binance Chain is a blockchain network developed by Binance with faster transaction confirmation and lower gas fee.Every transaction in the Binance Chain requires some amount of gas in the form of BNB.List of exchanges listing IDRTB (BEP-2):
    • Binance DEX

    List of wallets listing IDRTB (BEP-2):

    • Trust Wallet

    *Note: IDRTB is Binance Chain version of IDRT

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