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Access the Entire Web3 Ecosystem

Interact with Web3 sites via WalletConnect in a single tap.

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Airdrop Hunting

Discover and claim valuable airdrops at your fingertips.

defi wallet for ios and android


Connect to decentralized exchanges to trade digital assets.

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Grow your portfolio even faster by staking on various Web3 projects.

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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of blockchain gaming.

Secure Wallet for Everyone

No seed phrase. Advanced key protection. Unbreakable.

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Secured with MPC Technology

We hold one part of your key, you hold the other — eliminating a single point of failure. Learn more ->

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Transaction Preview

Get a clear preview of your transaction details before confirming.

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Fraud Prevention

Rest assured, our Web3 firewall provides you alerts for potential fraud and risky transactions.

Supports Multiple Networks

Easy access to Web3 sites on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Polygon. More networks coming soon.

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