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GameFi is a combination of games and finance in the form of Decentralized Apps (dapps). GameFi also brings a play-to-earn concept for gamers which means players can get rewards for playing the game. This concept is considered more profitable for players than the traditional pay-to-play game concept.

Usually, the players will get their economic incentives when completing a particular mission, winning matches against other players, or when successfully advancing to the next level. In addition, players can trade their assets on GameFi with other players outside the game. Usually through crypto exchanges or NFT marketplaces. In addition, users can also get passive income through features in GameFi, such as staking, liquidity mining, and yield farming.

Currently, GameFi industry is still in the early stage, so there are still many challenges to be solved, such as sustainability, the GameFi ecosystem, and the gameplay of the GameFi project itself. However, with the enormous support from investors who continue to inject funds into the GameFi development team, this could be an indication that this industry has promising potential in the future.

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