What can I do when I lost my Google Authenticator app or device?

When you lose the device on which Google Authenticator was installed, or accidentally deleted the app, there are a number of things you can do to recover your access to GAuth. The steps to recover your GAuth access will depend on whether or not you still store the key code. Learn how to recover your GAuth access below.

You Still Keep the Key Code

If you still keep the key code that you obtained when you set up your GAuth for your Pintu Account, you can easily use that code again to recover your Google Authenticator on the new device or app.

You can learn the step here.

You Don’t Keep/Have Lost the Key Code

If you don’t keep/have lost the key code, you can reach our Customer Support team at help@pintu.co.id to request GAuth reset. Please send the email using the email address that you registered to your Pintu account and attach the following documents:

1. A photo of KTP/SIM/Passport used to register your account.

2. A selfie with KTP/SIM/Passport used to register your account.

3. A photo of you with a handwritten note which reads ‚ÄúPlease reset my Google Authenticator on Pintu ‚Äď 2024‚ÄĚ on a piece of paper.

For your safety, you can’t send any crypto for 48 hours after our support team processed your reset request.

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