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Validator is a participant on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain whose job is to validate transactions on the network for rewards. These validators will determine whether a transaction is valid or not. When a transaction is deemed valid, they add it to the ledger. That way, a network can ensure its integrity and security.

Validators are needed in the ecosystem of a protocol to validate transactions, create consensus, and ensure network security. When it comes to how a validator works, it’s quite complex. But it can be simplified into three steps: choosing a blockchain network, selecting the right software and hardware, and running the nodes according to the requirements specified in the blockchain protocol.

To become a validator, several requirements must be met. Some of these include having hardware that meets the needs and a certain amount of crypto assets to stake. These requirements can be seen on each protocol’s website. However, being a validator also has its risks: slashing, liquidity, and fees.

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