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I tried to log in but the error “time limit” appears, what should I do

Errors can occur because of too many OTP requests or input too many incorrect OTP.

Wait for 2 hours and re-do the login process again. Make sure the internet network that you use is stable to avoid errors reappear.

Can I change my phone number used to receive OTP?

Yes, you can. Use the same e-mail as the Pintu account to send a request to change your mobile number to

In the email, you must include the following documents:

  1. Photo of KTP/SIM/Passport used to register an account
  2. Selfie with KTP/SIM/Passport used to register an account.
  3. Selfie with a handwritten note saying “Please change Pintu phone number to [xxxxxxxx] – [date picture is taken]” on any piece of paper.

Can I delete my account?

Your account can be deleted by contacting our Customer Service.

Make sure you don’t have a balance before deleting your account.

Emails that have been used for deleted accounts cannot be reused.

Can I access my Pintu account on many devices?

Yes, you can access your Pintu account on many devices.

You can also set which device is being logged in through the settings feature.

Why I can’t get OTP via Telegram?

You can’t receive OTP via telegram, most likely because you set your telegram account private.

Please add @pintutech to your contact, then try to request the OTP via telegram again.

Contact our support team if that method doesn’t work.

Why I can’t get OTP via SMS?

The reason why the system fails to send an OTP to your cellphone number is mostly due to network interference.

As an alternative, you can use the telegram application.

Click here if you still don’t get an OTP via telegram.

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